Embracing the dynamic spirit of British education

Embracing the dynamic spirit of British education


We provide students with the best educational opportunities, allowing them to achieve their fullest potential and be future-ready.

We prioritise each student's individuality, believing in the untapped potential within all. At the Royal British International School, students are at the forefront of our decisions. We create a nurturing environment that fosters growth and sets high standards, with a vision of helping every student excel.

Our Core Values






Amira Moussa’s Welcome Letter

Ms. Amira Moussa

The Royal School’s Founder

The Royal British International School stands as a beacon of exemplary leadership and academic excellence. We empower our staff with the tools for innovation, ensuring our students receive a top-tier education and become influential changemakers." I've always been deeply passionate about education, driven by a mission to bring out the best in our students. Education doesn't just impart knowledge; it gives children a voice, nurtures their personalities, and encourages them to appreciate diversity. At the Royal British International School, we pride ourselves on our exceptional leadership and our clear vision for excellence. Our commitment is to inspire both our staff and students, challenging them with new ideas and ensuring they have fulfilling experiences with us.We believe in harnessing every individual's potential. It is our goal to create an environment where everyone can excel and recognise their own worth. This demands a proactive culture that values leadership at every level. Let us keep moving forward, fostering a space where everyone takes the lead and our school becomes an inspiring place to learn and work.

Those who know me well are aware that I have a passion for excellence in education, a passion driven by being relentless in the pursuit of achieving distinction within our pupils.
I firmly believe that education shapes the lives of individuals. Education empowers children; it affirms their voice. Education inspires students to practice their hearts and minds; it promotes their passion, it enables them to develop their personality, explore their talents, expand their abilities to the utmost & most significantly helps them value diversity.
The Royal British International School is an outstanding example of excellent leadership, encircling vision and performance. Our role is to inspire staff members to commit to trying new concepts and conveying advanced learning dimensions to our students. We want our staff and students to have great experiences and strive to make a difference.
At best, schools should be an emotional, vital, empire-building endeavor that elicits maximum human potential. Within this framework, every member of the school society is permitted to do their absolute best and to learn about their own greatness. To achieve this, we need to develop a can-do culture where leadership matters, and vitality matters.
So, let`s propel! We need to empower, challenge, and grow excellence in an environment where everyone is a leader, one where schools are great places to be and work. Before signing off, I`d like to leave you with a favorite quote of mine;

“Passion for Excellence in Education”

The Royal British International School is accredited by the British Council as well as the Oxford AQA, Cambridge, and Pearson Edexcel examination boards. Of particular significance is the British Schools Overseas (BSO) accreditation that we have achieved. This recognises that RB aligns with the UK Department for Education standards for elite private schools.

Our most recent BSO inspection affirms that we meet the required standards in all areas, with the School’s infrastructure, communication with parents, welfare, health, and safety, and leadership and management being rated as ‘Excellent’.

Download BSO Report

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Steering Committee

Mr. Amr Kamal El Din​

Chairman of the School Board & School Founder​

Ms. Alia Abu Elnaga

Managing Director & Board Representative​

Mr. David Meaker​

School Principal​

Ms. Wendy Routledge​

EYFS & Primary Principal​

Ms. Liz Deaken​

Secondary Principal​

Ms. Kariman Khalifa​

Director Of Operations & Logistics​


The Royal Campus

Strategically located in the heart of New Cairo, the Royal School's infrastructure and amenities have been meticulously crafted to foster an exemplary learning atmosphere. Here, students flourish not only academically but also socially, emotionally, and physically.

Passion for Greener Tomorrow

The Royal Campus is powered with its own Solar Panels and Sustainable Energy Systems which makes the Royal British International School one of the first campuses of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East. Replacing traditional energy systems will reduce carbon emission which will have a direct positive effect on the surrounding environment by decreasing the pollution. Our school has adopted sustainability plans with carbon-neutral targets. Moreover, we select distinguished students to be our green students who are responsible for raising awareness amongst their peers and stimulating their passion for preserving the environment through environmental service projects, leadership and involvement.

Key Policies

First Aid Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Fire Safety and Evacuation Policy

Student Attendance Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

British Values


Continuous Professional Development


Home Learning


Professional Standards


Ms. Wendy Routledge

Primary Principal
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms. Liz Deakin

Secondary Principal
Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ms. Claire Oraby

EYFS Coordinator
Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ms. Wendy Routledge

Primary Principal

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms. Liz Deakin

Secondary Principal

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ms. Claire Oraby

EYFS Coordinator

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mr. Alexander Threadgold

Key Stage 1 Coordinator

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Dr. Rania Salem

School Doctor

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

RB - A Safe Place to Learn

The Royal British International School is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all members of our community and especially for our students. Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies outline the standards and practices adopted by the school to meet this aim. These policies reflect Article 3.1 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and are in accordance with the British International School standards and procedures outlined in the British Government guidelines ‘Keeping Children Safe In Education,’ (KCSIE 2022 gov.uk).

Safeguarding Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Safeguarding Visitors’ Brochure

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